We are launching a "Lab Coat Contest"

The winner will receive lunch with Dr. Angelo Lepore an MDA researcher in Philadelphia. You will be able to ask all the questions you want. You will also receive a tour of the laboratory and facility. The meeting will attempt to accommodate your schedule in October or November 2018.Everyone who registers online for either the State College or Hershey Muscle Walk will receive one entry. (If you are already registered online you will receive an entry.) This contest will run from July 23 – August 3, 2018.For every $100.00 you raise for either walk until September 29, 2018 you will receive an additional entry. 

Join Us at Muscle Walk!

At MDA, families are our stars and heroes. Muscle Walk gives us the opportunity to unite around a cause that binds us together and celebrate all the stars in our lives — you, supporters, caregivers, friends and family — who make this journey possible.

Sign up for Muscle Walk as an individual or with a team, or create your own team. Ask others to join you and support you with a donation — they'll be grateful for a fun, easy way to fight back in your honor that really makes a difference.

This year, we need you to join us at MDA Muscle Walk so we can continue to enhance our support and care, offer the highest-quality programs and accelerate research efforts to bring more treatments to families faster.