MDA Central IL Hop-A-Thons

Spring 2014
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Contact: Andie Savoree

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Welcome to the MDA Central IL Hop-A-Thons

The Hop-a-Thon is a free, curriculum based fundraiser which provides exciting lesson plans and activities for kids, teachers, and parents.  It educates children about the world around them while empowering them to make a difference in their community.  The program includes a flexible and impactful curriculum supplement, providing free, step-by-step lesson plans, DVD, and supportive materials.  Everything you need is provided by the MDA. The provided curriculum leads up to the culminating event---the HOP A THON! Each center Hops differently, but your MDA Coordinator will help you create the best Hop for your students!

Together, let's Make a Muscle, Make a Difference!

Goal:       $20,000.00
Amount Raised:       $1,025.00
# of Participants:       24
# of Teams:       14
Days to Event:       -145

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