October 24, 2015
9:00 AM



Jennifer Kingery


Dedicated Supporters Like You
Have Raised $26,226.10
to Help Individuals With
Muscular Dystrophy.

Help Us Get to $27,250.00!

Top Teams

  1 -  Team Tron ($3,257.37)
  2 -  Team Duchesne ($2,029.50)
  3 -  Sills Muscle Team ($983.00)
  4 -  Team Pena-Miches ($500.00)
  5 -  Green for Dean ($401.73)

Top Participants

  1 -  I've raised $1,000! Personal Gift NATRON CLARK ($2,110.62)
  2 -  I've raised $1,000! Personal Gift NOAH DUCHESNE ($2,029.50)
  3 -  Circle of Strength Personal Gift JIM SILLS ($624.00)
  4 -  I've raised $250 Personal Gift Debbie Carmichael ($335.00)
  5 -  I've raised $250 Personal Gift LINDA GREER ($328.00)

MDA Muscle Walk Brings communities together to fight back against muscle disease.

Through MDA Muscle Walk, you can join forces with others to raise critical dollars that will make a real difference in the lives of people fighting life-threatening muscle disease in your community and across the nation. Funds raised through the Muscle Walk program build on decades of MDA research progress, helping push science to its limits in the search for treatments and cures. The dollars we raise also support MDA’s life-enhancing programs, including state-of-the-art clinics, support groups and MDA summer camp — where kids with muscle disease can enjoy “the best week of the year.”

MDA progress in muscle disease research and care moves far more quickly with your help than without it.

MDA Muscle Walk of Twin Cities, LA.

Watch this space for all your event news and announcements!

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