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2014 COS Muscle Walk

Brendan's Buddies

Join us for the MDA Muscle Walk.


We have had a miracle this past week.  Brendan was scheduled for spinal fusion surgery, and at his final x-ray, we learned that his curvature DECREASED from 35 degrees to 25 degrees.  His surgery has been postponed, possibly indefinitely!  He will only need the surgery if it gets worse again in the future. 


He will be able to be at the walk with the team!   Please join us, and help us raise money to support Brendan!  The money we raise stays local to help families such as ours who struggle with this debilitating disease.  Join us at the walk to raise awareness, and show your support...Brendan really wants to have the largest team there!


Help us cross the Muscle Walk finish line and FINISH STRONG!  Join us at the Muscle Walk in Colorado Springs on April 26 at 8 a.m. at the World Arena, and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. Better yet, make a donation today, and help us reach our fundraising goal to help support the families who depend on MDA. Together, we grow stronger.


Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.®

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I've raised $800! Personal Gift Marnie Ellis $1,280.00
Claire Allen $0.00
Braden Breedlove $0.00
Heather Breedlove $0.00
Hunter Brinton $0.00
Joseph Brinton $0.00
Earl Brown $20.00
Gabriel Brown $0.00
Jamelle Brown $0.00
Landon Brown $0.00
Rylan Brown $0.00
Alan Chase $0.00
Evan Chase $0.00
Kristen Chase $0.00
Fanny Chiles $0.00
Personal Gift Janette Coleman $45.00
B Duncan $0.00
Logan Duncan $0.00
Zach Duncan $0.00
Aidan Ellis $5.00
Breanna Ellis $5.00
Personal Gift Brendan Ellis $10.00
Michaela Ellis $5.00
Scott Ellis $30.00
Personal Gift Avery Family $45.00
Evan Chase Friend $0.00
Emilee Hawkins $0.00
Hunter Hawkins $0.00
Lauryn Hawkins $0.00
Matt Hawkins $0.00
Personal Gift Shannon Hawkins $30.00
Russell Josephson $0.00
Carlee Lane $0.00
Emily Lane $0.00
Katie Lane $0.00
Michael Lane $0.00
Personal Gift Richard Lane $39.00
Sam Lane $0.00
Tim Lane $0.00
Personal Gift Cyndi Little $100.00
Personal Gift Thomas Little $40.00
Jenna McAllister $0.00
Kayla McAllister $0.00
Megan McAllister $0.00
Melanie McAllister $0.00
Camrie McCombs $0.00
Daniel McCombs $0.00
Danny McCombs $0.00
Elizabeth McCombs $0.00
Hannah McCombs $0.00
Isabelle McCombs $0.00
Kailey McCombs $0.00
Kasey McCombs $0.00
Personal Gift Kimberly McCombs $50.00
Marah McCombs $0.00
William McCombs $0.00
Personal Gift Gaylene Montoya $39.00
Aj Mullis $0.00
Kevin Mullis $0.00
Stan Mullis $0.00
Neddie Pitcher $0.00
Vern Pitcher $0.00
Liz Rand $0.00
Carmella Ray $0.00
Carson Ray $0.00
Jacob Ray $0.00
Jordan Ray $0.00
Malachi Ray $0.00
Dirk Schroeder $0.00
Elizabeth Schroeder $0.00
Jayna Schroeder $0.00
Personal Gift Tricia Schroeder $165.00
Xander Schroeder $0.00
Beth Scott $0.00
Personal Gift Ella Scott $60.00
Gavin Scott $0.00
Rachael Sherwood $0.00
Brent Smith $0.00
Personal Gift Dana Smith $50.00
Derek Smith $0.00
Jenna Smith $0.00
Kylie Smith $0.00
Diana Steffes $0.00
Abby Teeples $0.00
Emma Teeples $0.00
Keira Teeples $0.00
Kristeen Teeples $0.00
Personal Gift Ryan Teeples $100.00
Tanner Teeples $0.00
Aidan Terry $0.00
Larissa Terry $0.00
Skylar Terry $0.00
Tom Terry $0.00
Brett Waite $0.00
Kandra Wong $0.00
Team Gifts $335.00
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