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I'm pumped up about the MDA Muscle Walk.

Welcome to my Muscle Walk Personal Fundraising page!

Help me cross the Muscle Walk finish line and FINISH STRONG!  Join me at the Muscle Walk and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. Better yet, make a donation today, and help me reach my fundraising goal to help support the families who depend on MDA. Together, we grow stronger. 

Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.® 

Hello All,

 My name is Kim Velk. I have been a camp counselor for MDA for the past five years and this summer I will be able to add yet another memorable experience. I first heard about MDA through the Benson sisters who had been involved in the organization for years. At first I volunteered for camp because I thought it sounded fun but I thought it would be an easy way to get volunteer hours for graduate school. However the experiences I had at my first camp quickly changed my mindset as to why I attend camp and this is what has kept me coming back year after year.

I quickly found out that being a camp counselor was much more than just going to a camp for a few days and done. True lifelong connections are made. One cannot help but leave camp a changed person; inspired to do more in our own lives. The campers have taught me to never give up and to always push myself. Although many of the kids struggle with activities we often take for advantage such as tying our shoes, they do not let this get them down; the kids simply find a new way of accomplishing the task at hand.

In the past I have just been a camp counselor, but I am trying to step up my game. I am trying to raise $1,000 for MDA and to help send a child to MDA camp through the MDA Muscle Walk. This is where I need your help! I understand we cannot all attend camp for a week of excitement and fun, but you can help give a child that chance. Although I know we cannot all donate $100; all I am asking is that you donate what you can. Skip the coffee runs for two days and donate that money. Every penny counts and will add up! If you willing to help support the MDA muscle walk, just click the donate link and let the fun begin.

From troll hunts to late night talks, help the fun to continue. Help send a child to a camp where they will gain memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I make a muscle for the girls of Cabin 4 and all other kids with MD. Make a muscle in support of MDA.

With love,
aka Cabin Mom


Ms. Kimberly Velk
96 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $1,920.00

Make a gift!

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