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I'm pumped up about the MDA Muscle Walk.






Today I registered for the MDA Muscle Walk, in celebration of my dear friend, my first friend ever, Erica Brooks.  Erica and I had the good fortune of having moms who were the best of friends way back in Brooklyn, NY.  We lived in apartment buildings across from one another.  I can't remember anything in my first five years of life that happened without her.  She was, and IS, my sister.  Time and distance may separate us, but these are mere inconveniences, and change nothing for how much I love her, and how much she is and always will be a part of my life.


I am sharing, without permission (sorry Erica!) her Facebook post from February 21st:


Dear family and friends,

I have been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.

 I'm thankful doctors finally gave us answers yesterday. It's been a year of unknowns. It was difficult getting a diagnosis because I am battling two separate diseases. Celiacs Disease and MD. MD is very rare. The type I have, Miyoshi Myopathy, is even more rare. The doctor says that makes me a one in a million kind of girl.... At this point, prognosis is unknown as my disease is quickly spreading to other muscles. My muscles are literally wasting away. There is no cure or treatment available but I will be in extensive physical therapy to keep my range of motion and to slow the progression of muscle death.

Prayers and positive wishes are always welcome! My family is struggling with this news. Please keep them in your thoughts.

As for me, I am in good hands. I am fighting hard! This is my life! It's time to kick some ass!!! Life is short. I'm going to live mine to the fullest!!!

Thank you for your continued love and support! I can get through anything because I have all of you!♥

Xoxo, Erica

There may not be a treatment or a cure available right now, but I know Erica, and we are NOT going down that way!  Kylie, Ashley and I will be walking with Erica in our hearts on October 4th.  We ask that you find it in your hearts to support the cause that searches for a cure for our dear, dear friend.  No amount is too small, 100% of your donation goes to the MDA.

Thank you!!

Help me cross the Muscle Walk finish line and FINISH STRONG!  Join me at the Muscle Walk and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. Better yet, make a donation today, and help me reach my fundraising goal to help support the families who depend on MDA. Together, we grow stronger. 

Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.® 

Mrs. Tricia Rasplicka
140 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $500.00
Achieved: $700.00

Make a gift!

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