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San Francisco Bay Area Muscle Walk

The Defenders

Join my family for our first muscle walk!

Please help us cross the finish line and FINISH STRONG together as a team.

 Andrew and Matthew has Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD).  It is a progressive genetic disease primarily affecting voluntary muscles. The disease is progressively  deteriorating their muscles,  which will lead  to progressive muscle weakness that can result in difficulty walking, getting up from the floor, limits them to certain physical activities, orthopedic deformity and medical emergencies for cardiac and respiratory symptoms,  and as well as debilitating them to use assistive devices to  help them get around. There is still no cure, so we are at a race against time.

Through your support and donation, you are not only helping the MDA raise awareness, and provide funds for research for treatment to maximize the person's quality of life,  but you will also provide hope to families like mines, that there will be a cure.

Please join me and my family to fight muscle disease, and help raise funds and awareness to support MDA. 100% of the funds we raise will go directly MDA and your donation is tax deductible.  MDA is the nations largest voluntary health agency that is dedicated to funding cutting-edge neuromuscular disease research, healthcare services, summer camp, support groups, and education.

 It will mean so much to us, especially to Andrew and Matthew if you can join us in this fight for a cure. Once you join our team "The Defenders" You can make a donation and set a fundraising goal for yourself to help us. Remember no amount is too little.

Don't wait another minute to think. Help us build a stronger community of supporters! 

 Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.®

The Defenders - Join Team Raised
I've raised $800! Personal Gift Sarah Lazaro $1,698.29
Christine Lazaro $22.34
Jerome Abregana $0.00
Personal Gift Alda Abregana-De Guzman $25.00
Dominador Adao $0.00
Personal Gift Eileen Adao $45.00
Personal Gift Phi Bui $20.00
Mailin Buquis $0.00
Personal Gift Stephanie Buquis $20.00
Gloria Carreon $0.00
Kaliyah Chhan $0.00
Lindy Chhan $0.00
Sharon Chhan $0.00
Sheree Chhan $0.00
Personal Gift Chris Duenas $39.00
Personal Gift Matthew Furuzawa $175.00
Personal Gift Wesley Furuzawa $398.00
Irma Gonzalez $0.00
Manny Gonzalez $0.00
John Ko $0.00
Andrew Lazaro $0.00
Anthony Lazaro $0.00
Claudette Lazaro $0.00
Matthew Lazaro $0.00
Madison Lazaro-Pinner $0.00
Meuy Lee $0.00
Stella Loh $0.00
Personal Gift Michelle Mangabat $150.00
Scott Pinner $0.00
Karen Saechao $0.00
Personal Gift Lilykoi Saechao $250.00
Aimee Saefong $0.00
Meuy Saelee $0.00
December Saeteun $0.00
John Saeteun $0.00
Nai Saeteun $0.00
Rick Saeteun $0.00
San Saeteun $0.00
Siu Saeteun $0.00
Valerie Saeteun $0.00
Yao Poo Saeteun $0.00
Asia San $0.00
Han San $0.00
Vandy Sap $25.00
Team Gifts $825.00
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