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DFW Muscle Walk 2014


Join us for the MDA Muscle Walk.

It was October of last year when I attended my first ALS clinic. I was seeking guidance and support and that is exactly what I found at the ALS clinic. The Muscular Dystrophy Association not only runs the ALS clinics, but they also fund the doctors, the treatment, the research and the equipment for the ALS patients attending these clinics.


MDA has been with me very step of the way- from my first clinic visit until now. They have supplied me with medical equipment that I was not yet able to get from Medicare. Most importantly, Dr. Heitzman & the ALS clinic have allowed me to stay focused and not stress myself out because I know MDA is there to help in any way that they can. They are a helping hand when I need them, and I want to continue to support their efforts, not only for my sake, but also for the sake of all of the other families affected by ALS and the other 43 diseases MDA supports.  


When I first decided to be a part of the MDA Muscle Walk, I had set a goal to raise $300… but since then, my Sunday School class has risen to the occasion and have joined me in my fight against ALS. Just as MDA did last October, my Sunday School family has stepped up so that I am not alone in my fight. We have set a fundraising goal to raise over $1,000. Together, we will stay strong and together we will fight ALS.


Our faith is the foundation to optimism and hope and MDA funds the building blocks to a brighter future for ALS patients. I enjoy the clinic and I want to help in any way I can. Currently, I am in a research study to help find a cure or a medicine to help ALS patients. This is one more reason it is important that we raise as much money as we can, no matter what the amount ends up being. I know first-hand what MDA is able to do with the funds we raise and I know it will help someone that is in need of medical assistance just like I was.


Thank you,

Sherrie Ward & Friends

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