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DFW Muscle Walk 2014

Team Tori

Join us for the MDA Muscle Walk.



 When it comes to MDA, it almost becomes my number 1 priority to help out as much as i can. everytime i see the firefighters in the intersections asking for donations for MDA i ALWAYS put at least $5 dollars in the boot, every time..and the little shamrocks at restaurants and gas stations.. i donate w those too.. Ive always been interested in the MDA mainly because of the kids and supporting them through good times and bad. I know what its like to fight a muscle disease every minute of each day and its hard. If its hard for me, I know it has to be even harder for them because im one of the few that are able to function normally (to walk without help, eat without help etc..) and I want to show them that other people like them are fighting and supporting them as they fight these battles. There are dreams that I have that i cant fulfill because of my disorder but I NEVER feel bad for myself and if that thought ever goes through my mind, i stop and think about the kids who have it worse than i do and it breaks my heart and all i want to do is help them and give them a brighter future since mine is already almost set for me. those kids are my inspiration. 

Please help us cross the finish line and FINISH STRONG together as a team. Join us for the Muscle Walk and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. You can also make a donation today, and help us reach our fundraising goal to support the families who depend on  MDA. Together, we grow stronger.
Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.®

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