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I'm Participating in the MDA Muscle Walk!




On Saturday, February 22, 2014, Lester and I will be participating as team “For the Love of Justin” in the Annual Muscular Dystrophy Muscle Walk fundraiser to raise money for research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  We continue to volunteer with Austin Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) helping them in their efforts to help the Muscular Dystrophy clients and families.


Justin is now a Sophmore in high school and continues to participate in the theater class.  He and his classmates are now working on their One Act play to enter into UIL District and State competitions.  He continues to participate in UIL academic competitions.  Last year in the Jackson County Fair he showed rabbits and placed 27th and was qualified to sell them.  He is planning on entering rabbits again this year to show in the county fair.  He would like to be a gaming programmer for video games and would like to add some computer programming to his curriculum at school.  He continues to play video games and can actually communicate with other players playing the same game and that can be someone in another country.  It is so funny listening to him talking while playing a game; it is like he is talking to himself.  He still goes hunting with his Dad.  Justin now has two kittens, Peaches and Snickers, (as someone said they must have been hungry when they named them).  These kittens always go to Justin’s wheelchair, whenever he is not in it, and sleep there.  Whenever he is driving his chair, Peaches will go in front of him, sit down and Justin will stop and Peaches will jump onto his lap.  Lester and I had the opportunity to go with Justin and his family this last summer for his 6 month checkup in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The doctors all had good reports.  This was a learning experience regarding all of the tests needed, met his doctors, and had a fun time being with them.  I think Justin was proud for us to meet his doctors and show us around the hospital, which made us feel good.  His mother has ordered a new wheelchair (with the help of MDA) for him, although not the standing one, but he will be able to raise his self to counter height and be same height as his friends. He has too much contracture in his knees, knees bent and unable to straighten them, thus is not able to use a standing wheelchair.  Justin’s medicine regimen remains the same and we are thankful for this because it helps to slow the progress of this disease.  Whenever we see Justin we are saddened by the progressed challenges he has to any movements of his body he attempts, but in the same time we are glad to see he can still, with some challenges, pick up a glass to drink, slide from his wheelchair to his bed and shower his self.


Lester and I are thankful for the huge support we have from everyone. Please consider donating and joining us on February 22, 2014 at Barton Creek Mall, 2901 S. Capital of Texas Highway and join in the Victory Lap in the Mall at 8 a.m.   Our team wears an article of clothing in the camo design so we will be recognized as a team. Last year our team came in 5th place.  Join us at the entrance next to the movie theater and then get an MDA Muscle Walk t-shirt, enjoy breakfast, children activities and entertainment prior to the departure of the VICTORY LAP inside the mall.  After the walk all of the teams will be competing to pull a City of Austin (AFD) fire truck 100 feet in the quickest time.  Come and help our team win this year.   Last year the AUSTIN MUSCLE WALK PLACED THIRD IN THE NATION with Dallas/Ft. Worth in 1st and Chicago in 2nd  places.  Austin raised $335,000, with the support of sponsors and teams.  This would not be possible without the help of all of you. Our team came in 5th place last year of the Austin teams.


Our goal this year is to raise $8,000.  As in the previous Muscle Walks, the money we raise will go to DMD research.  Please help us to make the dream come true for a treatment/cure.


If you would like to make a donation, make the check payable to “MDA” and send it in the enclosed envelope or you may go in to and click on “DONATION.”  YOUR HELP IS OUR HOPE.


Thank you for caring continued support and keeping Justin in your prayers and also prayers for a cure.


God Bless each and every one of you for giving us HOPE.


Lois and Lester Johnson





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Lester Johnson
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Goal: $8,000.00
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