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Please join me in the fight against Muscle Disease!

 How many muscles does it take to make a difference? One - your heart!

Although I am fairly new to my job here at MDA, these past 5 months have been an eye opener for me.  Going into this job, I didn't know much about Muscular Dystrophy (and I'm still learning as I go) but I am so honored to be a part of a team that serves the families in our area who are living with Neuromuscular disease.  I haven't had much interaction as of yet with some of our families (but that will come with time) but I did have the privilege of partaking in the announcement of our State Goodwill Ambassador Ben (pictured on the left).  We got to make the announcement during a school assembly at his elementary school.  Bryce (pictured on the right) who was the previous year's State Goodwill Ambassador was also present for the assembly as he "handed over the reigns" to Ben.  Both boys are living with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).  SMA is the #1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2. It is a rare disorder occurring in approximately 8 out of every 100,000 live births, and affecting approximately 1 out of every 6,000 to 10,000 individuals worldwide.   It affects the muscles that are used for activities such as breathing, crawling, walking, head and neck control, and swallowing.  Both boys were diagnosed at a very young age and had their first power wheelchairs a few months after their diagnoses. They so badly wish they could walk, throw a football or complete the simple act of dressing themselves.  There is no cure for SMA, but their families are hopeful!  SMA is just one of the 43 Neuromuscular diseases in MDA's program. 

On Saturday, March 8th we are holding our Annual Muscle Walk at the Mall of America.  It is a true day of hope for the families we serve.  Help me cross the Muscle Walk finish line and FINISH STRONG!  Join me at the Muscle Walk and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. Better yet, make a donation today, and help me reach my fundraising goal to help support the families who depend on MDA. Together, we grow stronger. Any donation, no matter the amount makes a difference.  Why do I walk?  I walk for those who can't themselves.  Thanks so much for your support. - Alexis

Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.® 

Alexis Noack
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