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I'm pumped up about the MDA Muscle Walk.

Welcome to my Muscle Walk Personal Fundraising page!

Help me cross the Muscle Walk finish line and FINISH STRONG!  Join me at the Muscle Walk and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. Better yet, make a donation today, and help me reach my fundraising goal to help support the families who depend on MDA. Together, we grow stronger. 

My husband, Russ was diagnosed with ALS in June 2013 ... we had very little thoughts that he had the disease because he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in November 2011 and some of the ALS symptoms were mimicked by the dementia.  Russ has lost the ability to communicate verbally and his swallowing has become affected ... everything he consumes has to be pureed or thick as honey.  He cannot eat or drink anything "good" anymore ... even his hamburger has to be pureed.  The ALS has also affected his breathing capacity and is making it harder for him to get/keep his breathe evenly.  The muscles are weaking as each day passes, even though he gets around, he is slowing down quite a bit. Doctor's are not sure where this disease came from or for how long he's had it and even more they have no idea how long it is going to keep him captive in this body that will not allow him to function as he once did.

We created this team as a way to say Thank You to MDA/ALS Foundation for giving so freely to our family during our journey.  We have been blessed with different grants, communication devices, knowledge, friendships of the workers but most of all it is done with dignity and always with a smile.

We invite you to join us ... either physically, financially or prayerfully.  We covet the prayers of each of you as we continue this journey the Lord has placed us on and we pray that by participating in this walk we can someone help find a cure for this nasty disease that has taken life away from Russ. 

For those of you who may not be aware, my sweet husband was healed of the ALS and FTD on Monday, March 10, 2014 as he took the hand of His Savior and went to his new home.  While we are saddened that he is gone we are uplifted that he is healed and in his new body.  The walk continues in memory of Russ so if you would like to participate please do so.  I know Russ would be so proud for us to break through our goal and have a great turn out to fight this disease for others!! 

Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.® 

Mrs. Julie Griffin-Lockhart
378 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $500.00
Achieved: $1,892.00

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