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My Baby Boy!

I'm Jenna, AKA, Hunter's mom.  Wow, have we come a long way since his diagnosis!  Friends and family have rallied behind us in times of happiness and times of sadness.  While Hunter's future physically is not predictable, it is so meaningful to us to know he has people in his corner.  I'm often asked, "how do you do it?"  It's simple; love.  From the moment I heard Hunter's weak cry after a dramatic birth, he had me mesmerized by his perfectness.  Love at first cry, I suppose you'd say.  Even though his start at life was a hard one, he showed us he was a fighter.  We knew there would be struggles in life, but we never in our wildest dream would have imagined dealing with Muscular Dystrophy.  I'm not going to lie; it SUCKS!  Many kids Hunter's age are out playing sports, roller skating, riding bikes, and doing normal phyiscal activies.  While Hunter is still able to walk and gets around well, we have to be very cautious of injury.  One break of a leg could be the end.  It's very tough keeping a smile on my face day to day hearing and seeing him struggle.  There are times I wish I could trade him bodies.  Even though I have a heart problem, it's fixable.  Muscular Dystrophy as of now, is not fixable.  That fact kills me.  Hearing him say his friends are faster than him and he can't keep up, kills me.  However, having Hunter for my son makes me stronger and a better person.  A person who wants to fight every chance I get to be sure there is a cure in his lifetime.  He shows me joy in ways no one else can.  As many of you know, this isn't our first Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser that we've participated in.  Over the years, our family and friends have helped us raise over $16,000!  The fundraising is so importnant!  It helps with research, which I'm confident WE WILL FIND A CURE, as well as Summer Camp, family support, and specialty clinics.  I ask that you please donate to support our team, Hunter's Heroes, once more so we can work on taking out this horrible, debilitating disease.  Hunter deserves this as well as other children and adults who are battling everyday challenges from Muscular Dystrophy.  No amount is too small, we greatly appreciate anything!  Thank you for your support and may God Bless you, as he has us.

Mrs. Jenna Mattson
69 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $1,250.00
Achieved: $863.00

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