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Pittsburgh Muscle Walk 2014

Team Reid

Join us for the MDA Muscle Walk.



In 2011, we learned that our son, Reid has an inherited genetic muscle disorder known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). We learned that we are genetic carriers for SMA as well as approximately 1 in 35 Americans. Unfortunately, because of his muscle disorder, he is unable to walk independently and has some overall muscle weakness. As his parents, we cannot sit and wait for a treatment, cure, or miracle. SMA is one of the 40+ disorders that the MDA family covers and we are walking on March 2nd to make a muscle and make a difference for Reid.


Our team is Team Reid and we invite you to join us on March 2nd for the muscle walk. If you cannot make it to the walk, please consider supporting us financially as each dollar raised for our team is specifically allocated to SMA research.


Through this journey, we have learned that the ability to walk is not a given. It is a gift. We ask that you share your gift with us in March.  



Team Reid Raised
I've raised $800! Personal Gift Jennifer Hall $1,806.00
I've raised $400 Personal Gift Weasey & Chip Babst $500.00
Hannah Dunlap $0.00
Personal Gift Lori Dunlap $100.00
Personal Gift Molly Emmett $39.00
Personal Gift Joshua Hall $100.00
Personal Gift Melanie Heuston $100.00
Chanelle Lambach $0.00
Personal Gift Matthew Lambach $146.00
Darla Lane $0.00
Ryan Lane $0.00
Timothy Lane $0.00
Personal Gift Amy McKaveney $250.00
Edward McKaveney $0.00
Maria McKaveney $0.00
Personal Gift Scott McKernan $100.00
Hailey Meyer $0.00
Personal Gift Kimberly Meyer $25.00
Olivia Meyer $0.00
Joe Monaco $0.00
Personal Gift Meghan Monaco $25.00
Owen Monaco $0.00
Quinn Monaco $0.00
Kent Oestreich $0.00
Personal Gift Brittany Roof $146.00
Personal Gift Elena Rorabaugh $150.00
Personal Gift Aimee & Steven Scott $50.00
Personal Gift Grandpa & Grandma Silvester $146.00
Personal Gift Ryan & Carrie Vaccaro $139.00
Team Gifts $5,946.00
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Team Reid
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Mrs. Jennifer Hall

Weasey & Chip Babst

Babst Calland, Attorneys at Law

Bruce & Holly Rudoy

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