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Welcome to my Muscle Walk Personal Fundraising page!

Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.®   walk for Team  HUNTING FOR A CURE  

When Hunter was 18 months old we received the devestating news that he had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  My brother Allen had this devestating disease  but I was tested and found to NOT  be a carrier, so thinking everything was fine I went on to have 3 awesome children-- 2 girls and a boy-Hunter-  when Hunter as 15 months old and not quite walking yet-My mom urged me to get Hunter tested to make sure it was fine,bascically to rule things out.  I did.  3 tests later it was concluded he had duchennes!!! Our lives  from that point on was never the same  and now that HUnter is 10 the devesting effects are starting to show even more, his muscles are so tight,he gets so tired so easliely and his heart has now shown muscle weakness--WE CAN NOT KEEP WAITING  He needs a cure-PLEASE help us fund the research and trials that HUNTER NEEDS- Will you please consider walking for TEAM HUNTING FOR A CURE so Hunter knows you support him-or Please help by a donation--Thank you!!!! Brenda-

Brenda Burk
320 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $500.00
Achieved: $1,601.00

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