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I'm pumped up about the MDA Muscle Walk!

Welcome to my Muscle Walk Personal Fundraising page!

Help me cross the Muscle Walk finish line and FINISH STRONG!  Join me at the Muscle Walk and we’ll have a great time for a great cause. Better yet, make a donation today, and help me reach my fundraising goal to help support the families who depend on MDA. Together, we grow stronger. 

Hi all: You know me as Joe or Frank Pelletier.  I had to use my legal name or I would not be able to get into a hospital. I developed Tosis (drooping eyelids) when I was about 40.  I had surgery for it and it is very  painful.  Four of 9 in my family have full blown cases of OCCULOR PHAYNGALEAL MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY.  One day when I walked home from MHS.  Joanne asked if my legs hurt because I was walking funny.  Then she noticed one leg smaller in diameter than the other.  My primary doctor told me it was old age, but he got an appointment with a neurologist.

 I went thru a test where he put needles in certain parts of my legs. These needles were connected to a computer and an electric shock machine. If I didn't react, he would increase the voltage.  Many times I didn’t feel a thing. Joanne was with me, and sometimes she would react because she saw him turn up the volts.  This neurologist sent me into Boston to another Neurologist who specialized in OPMD.

The two doctors consulted. He came back into the office and told me his diagnosis.  He had tears in his eyes.  I asked him if I could still bike the Cape Cod canal as I had been doing for years.  His answer was to listen to my body. If I got far I will not make it back I would eat a restaurant, and gag on my food.  I had to run to the men’s room to clear my throat.  I was sent to a speech therapist.  My facial muscles were sagging so I had an exercise to do.  I had to eat tuna sandwiches, crackers, cake etc. all with barium paste while a doctor viewed the X-ray monitor.  She gave me more exercise.

I had to leave Medway because I needed a house on one floor. We are in an over fifty community here in Rochester.  NH MDA has been so helpful.  They provide a clinic once a year with a Neurologist and another doctor.  They have provided me with a scooter, physical Therapy, and lots of support.  I thank all of the workers and volunteers at NH Muscular Dystrophy. Please donate if you can, or join our team.  I am hoping to get MDA to help me finance a stair lift to go from my garage to my house.  I have to pull much more with my arms to get up the stairs.  I need your help and support, and so does MDA.  They do so much for all the kid and us adults.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your support.



Make a Muscle. Make a Difference.® 

My Goal
70 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $100.00
Achieved: $70.00
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