Join Us at Muscle Walk!

At MDA, families are our stars and heroes. Muscle Walk gives us the opportunity to unite around a cause that binds us together and celebrate all the stars in our lives — you, supporters, caregivers, friends and family — who make this journey possible.

Sign up for Muscle Walk as an individual or with a team, or create your own team. Ask others to join you and support you with a donation — they'll be grateful for a fun, easy way to fight back in your honor that really makes a difference.

This year, we need you to join us at MDA Muscle Walk so we can continue to enhance our support and care, offer the highest-quality programs and accelerate research efforts to bring more treatments to families faster.

Muscle Walk Schedule of Events:

MDA Staff arrives: 7:30am
Volunteers arrive: 8:30am
Sponsors arrive: 9:00am 
Registration begins: 10:00am
Sponsor interaction, kids activities, food (Little Caesars, Texas Roadhouse): 10:00am-11:40am
Special Guest emcee introduces a local family, and MDA researcher, to share stories: 11:40am-11:55am
Walk preparation (photos, excitement!) & walk begins: 12:00pm

“Halfway point” designated stop (Hoist & Water Station) with music!: ~12:15pm
Participants completing the walk (Chipotle, Steak ‘n Shake bringing snacks!): 12:40pm-1pm
Team & Individual awards: 1pm-1:15pm

Grand Prize awards (Chipotle for 25, Texas Roadhouse party for 10, Panera free bread for a year):
1:15pm-1:30pm – individual participants as well as teams are eligible for one entry for every $100 they raise!

email Carl Allen, for more details