MDA 2015 Western Washington Hop-a-Thon

April 13-17, 2015
Location Name: Western Washington map
701 Dexter Ave N Ste 106
Seattle WA
For more information:
Contact: Sandy Elfers
 (206) 283-2183

Welcome to the MDA 2015 Western Washington Hop-a-Thon

Whether you've helped MDA before or this is your first time, you can Make a Muscle and Make a Difference® for MDA!

MDA special events across the country help pay tribute to and raise funds for children and adults served by the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The events you join and support are an important means of fostering help and hope for those that depend on MDA. Thank you for choosing to make the world a little better one heart at a time.

Goal:       $40,000.00
Amount Raised:       $33,499.32
# of Participants:       271
# of Teams:       200
Days to Event:       -154

  1. Arlo Colombo - $475.00
  2. Oliver Maeda - $380.00
  3. Keagan Sandbak - $350.00
  4. Alice Puleio - $325.00
  5. Vincent Blanchard - $295.00


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