"I'm going to leave my boot print on the backside of ALS" JRL

My name is Mark Langley, my brother Dan and I have joined forces with the Muscular Dystrophy Association's running team, Team Momentum, to raise much needed money to help fight various forms of muscle disease and run 13.1 miles in honor of all of those affected by these diseases. 
On February 23, 1998 my father lost his four yearlong battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. My Dad was diagnosed when I was six years old and for four years my 9 (yes,9) brothers and sisters watched this horrible disease ravage his muscles, limit his mobility, and eventually confine him to our house and an electric wheel chair, but that's not how I remember him. My dad, no matter how bad things got, never stopped fighting...Dan and I are hoping to channel his perseverance and complete this half marathon and raise a $1,500 apiece. 

My dad was a loving father, mentor, and inspiration to 7 daughters and 3 sons. He was an extremely hard worker who made time for his kids no matter what. Whether it was playing hide and seek after a 14 hour work day or taking us to soccer every Saturday morning, he made it his mission to never miss an event for us. 

Our goal by fundraising with the MDA is to carry on our dad's wish to help leave his boot print on the backside if ALS. We ask that anyone who is able to help please not only donate what they can to our cause but spread the word to your family coworkers and friends. Every penny truly does count. The money raised has a variety of uses; whether it be to provide a wheelchair to someone (like my father) in need, send a child to summer camp, or fund new research to help better understand and one day eradicate the world of these horrible diseases.



Thank you to our National MDA Team Momentum Sponsors!