Jailbirds are unlocking a cure for muscle disease

While jailbirds are only “locked up” for one hour, the loss of mobility that occurs when muscles stop working — and the limitations on freedom and independence that can cause — are for life.

This is how it works:

When business and community leaders participate as a jailbird in a Lock-Up for the Muscular Dystrophy Association event, critical funds are raised to fight muscle diseases – unlocking hope for a world free of muscle disease.

  1. Business and community leaders agree to be "put behind bars for good"
  2. They invite their vendors, co-workers, family and friends to make donations toward their "bail"
  3. When they make their bail, they'll be "released from jail.

How to Participate

Participate in an MDA Lock-Up event in your community — it's easy!

Email us at lockups@mdausa.org. If you need to speak with someone immediately regarding this event, please call MDA at (800) 572-1717.

An MDA team member will provide all the details of your specific event and explain how you can be the most successful Jailbird!

Once you become a Jailbird, you'll receive all the information you need including a kit, tips for success, and even your very own online fundraising Web page, so that you can get started right away raising funds and awareness to fuel the fight against muscle disease.